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By Dr. Shtarker and Shahar Robinzon

Candidiasis in the esophagus
Carcinoid in the terminal ileum
Cavernous hamartoma
Mixed (micro+macronodular) chirosis
Diverticulosis in the colon
Cobblestone appearence of crohn
Esophageal varices
Primary ruptured hepatocelular carcinoma (HCC)
Lymphoma-"SI"(if you know what it means, call me)
Multiple polyps in colon (etiology not given)
Linitis Plastica
Pancratic Fat Necrosis
Pseudo-membranous colitis: clostridium diffucile aftr broad range antibiotic
Pseudo-Polyps in Crohn disease, due to extensive mucose degeneration
Peptic ulcer disease in stomach (GU)