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By Prof. Benharroch and Shahar Robinzon

A Reed-Sternberg cell, among reactive cellular elements
Lacunar cell variants of R-S cell in Nodular sclerosis HD
A paratrabecular infiltrate in follicular lymphoma of the bone marrow
Follicular Lymphoma - BCL-2 positivity in the follicles
R-S cells in HD stain positive for CD15
Starry-sky appearance of Burkitt's Lymphoma
Primary testicular lymphoma in an elderly patient
Invovement of para-aortic lymph nodes by aggresive NHL
Lymph node with follicular lymphoma
Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma with Dutcher bodies
Electron microscopic appearance of hairy cell leukemia
Terminal ileum involvement with Burkitt's Lymphoma
Histological appearance of lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma
Panoramic view of follicular lymphoma
Involvement of small bowel by NHL
Markedly enlarged and infarcted spleen in CML(CGL)
Bone marrow replacement by CLL/SLL
Portal space and sinusoidal involvement by AML
Intracerebral bleeding in acute leukemia
Uric acid deposits in the collecting tubules of the kidney, following treatment for leukemia
Spleen in CLL/SLL
Histology in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Lymphoepithelial lesion in MALT lymphoma
Nodular sclerosis HD - fibrous bands
Nuclear staining with CyclinD-1 in mantle cell lymphoma
Aggregate of lymph nodes in HD - Lymph nodes are well delimited (mufradim)
Skin biopsy with Pautrier microabcess in Mycosis Fungoides
A popcorn cell within numerous small lymphocytes in lymphocyte preominance HD